Mission Statement

Striving to put God’s love into action by giving
vulnerable children,youth, our community HOPE!

Hope is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.
Hope empowers you, gives you direction and makes
you aware of opportunities and possibilities.

LEBONE is the Sotho word meaning LIGHT and
Lebone Village strives to be a LIGHT to those living in darkness by giving HOPE!

About Lebone Village

In 2000 the Lebone candle was lit – a candle giving light in the darkness to many without hope for the future. That is what Lebone is all about, giving light to those in darkness and without hope.

The AIDS Mission Outreach Trust t/a Lebone Village is a faith based non profit organisation situated just outside Bloemfontein in the Free State, South Africa. Lebone Village is dedicated to bringing hope, dignity and support by providing holistic care to all vulnerable children, youth, their families, people affected by poverty. Most of our children are orphaned because of the devastating effect HIV / AIDS has on our country. We currently have 5 sections in which we try to meet the needs of many.

These are Lebone House, Lebone Counselling, Lebone Edu Centre , Lebone Skills development and Lebone Agriculture.

Lebone Village aims to:

  • identify children in need & provide them with the basic essentials that ensure their development as individual & unique human beings with a healthy sense of ‘self-worth’
  • strive to provide an alternative setting that approximates that of their own family when there is no family
  • provide access to education & life skills to empower them
  • provide care, support, social assistance, skills transfer, training to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community
  • facilitate community based care by transferring skills & training families/volunteers
  • train and assist people to survive, teaching them interdependence rather than dependence, empowering them to take ownership of their own destiny
  • work towards a proper exiting strategy for our children to one day be independent young adults who can take responsibility for their own lives as well as a positive contribution to society
  • give people a “future”, security and self-worth

Lebone Village receives the Bloemfontein institution of the year award

We want to give all the glory and honor to God for we know it is only by His Grace. This was only possible because of the generosity, sacrifices and open hearts of literally thousands of people, here in Bloemfontein, the rest of South Africa and all around the world!

We dedicate this award to each one of you, for you are our unsung heroes who make the Light shine!

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