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Wednesday 28 September 2016

KFC Add Hope

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On Saturday 29 September 2012 Riaan Manser and the Add Hope team visited Lebone Village on their journey of Hope.

Everyone present had a wonderful time. The children made sure there was no shortage of entertainment when the preschool children did some songs and rhymes while the older boys did gumboot dancing and the girls some traditional Sotho dances.

Riaan enjoyed Lunch with the kids and here we all realised how privilege we are to be one of Add Hopes’ beneficiaries. We are daily experiencing the true HOPE they are bringing to so many hungry children.

We want to thank Riaan for putting his body on the line to spread HOPE through South Africa, you are a real inspiration!

Today 5 successful programmes are run at Lebone Land

Lebone House

Lebone House is a holistic care centre for children affected by HIV/AIDS which embraces, affirms and adheres to all aspects of their human rights. Because we believe that each child has a right to live within their own family, culture and community Lebone House strives to provide an alternative setting that approximates that of their own family when there is no family. 74 orphans & vulnerable children are cared for in two houses on the property – Maersk House & Rist House.

Lebone Edu-Centre

Educates the children at Lebone House, from birth to school-leaving age; through a pre-school centre with after-school facility for school-going children. We have 37 children from the community as day scholars at the pre-school centre (who all enjoy the benefits of Lebone House children – 3 meals a day, clothing, medication, etc) who are unable to access education due to poverty.

Lebone Agricultural Production & Nursery

In this section we have 11 hectare land, a suspension net of 2500 sq m & a tunnel under vegetables, from which we feed +-600 people as well as generate a small income. The nursery produces seedlings for our vegetable production as well as some for selling and for the trainees who are helped to start their own vegetable garden at their home. We also propagate indigenous trees to sell.

Lebone Skills Development Centre

This center has fifteen sections where 74 +- 100 people are empowered with a skill & thereby given the opportunity to generate an income.

Lebone Training & Counselling Centre

This section does basic HIV/AIDS education and home based care, community based orphan care and support; pastoral, bereavement, grief, pre- & post- test counselling. We have food and clothing banks which support this programme. We also provide social support in the form of facilitating workshops between Department of Home Affairs and the community where the people are assisted with applications for ID Documents, Birth Certificates, Pensions & Grants

AIDS Mission Outreach Trust is a legally constituted non-profit organisation and relies solely on donations and contributions from the public. We adhere to a strict ethical code and correct accounting and business procedures are enforced. The accounts are managed by a qualified Accountant and are audited annually by Gobodo Inc Chartered Accountants and made available on request to those who wish to examine them.

We believe that we are accountable to all our donors and sponsors and the image of the AIDSMO TRUST will be maintained by ensuring that Standards of Care are met. We have already benefited from bequests due to our positive image in the community. We acknowledge donors on donor boards, newsletters, presentations etc. and are open to specific advertising requests.

We monitor service delivery by

Performance Management
Monitoring & Evaluation through Quality Assurance Control
Rate of success in Community and Programmes run
Financial Auditing
Progress Auditing

This is the story of how a mustard seed, when planted according to God’s desires, grows up to be a tree, in which many birds may find refuge. With God’s help, and through obedience and an openness to hear His desire, Lebone will fulfill all of its aims to bring the light of His love to the children (through the hands of the staff, caregivers and volunteers) & GIVE A CHILD BACK HIS FUTURE

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